AcneFree Review

10551014_10204248672600136_6043163946861801619_nAcneFree offers a great collection of facial cleansing products to fit all skin types, and age. They come single or in packs. I seen some of the packs at Rite Aid and Walgreens already. I have always wondered how these worked compared to others. The portion is pretty good for price, formula is thick, goes on well all over face and neck. If you suffer with acne, wrinkles, and, clogged pores, than these are right up your alley.  Continue reading “AcneFree Review” »

RAVPower International Inc Review

dbc50a276896b2d602fd3cd6f7b80eb0f5e04d1f_1RAVPower International Inc is a company that offers a few products for your phone, and electronic devices. The quality and price per product is great. They have phone car holders, charger sticks and few more products available as well. This company has great products for not just a iPhone, its universal for any kind of phone. Continue reading “RAVPower International Inc Review” »

Beauty Care Choices Review

10670125_10204527284965271_6119813457234337578_nBeauty Care Choices has a wide variety of products for your hair, with so many big brand choices to pick from. Site is easy to navigate, category per sections. Plus they also offer nail polish, make up, body products and much more for you and your body to fit your personality! Continue reading “Beauty Care Choices Review” »

Akel Ventures Review

1966761_10204573245154247_5640105479122735170_nAkel Ventures sells products to make any woman’s life easier when it comes to those super annoying bra’s. I know I had my fair share amount of times, where I wanted to chuck it since the straps just fall down, and can’t tighten the straps for endless amount of reasons. Evan smaller chested woman have bra’s issues to. Though I am right smack in B36 or C34. Or the oh no my bra doesn’t fit anymore because you lost weight or cause your size changes 6 times throughout your lifetime. Continue reading “Akel Ventures Review” »

Discover with Dr. Cool Review

crop_61bc0f96141e04b4ebd374ae707025ae13a480aa68716e8090b39f0087098bd5779c0345250250Discover with Dr. Cool is by far the neatest site I seen in a long time. They have super cool kits for your kid and yourself to make, find, create cool finding. From dig kits, gold kits, geology kits, and insect/bug kits. The kits come with everything you need to have a blast. The prices for these kits are pretty reasonable and would make a great Christmas present to your toddler or kids. The quality of the kits are great and are easy to use, and makes for endless hours of fun, depending which kit you get. Continue reading “Discover with Dr. Cool Review” »

Tru Organic Review

10364083_10204573245434254_6288190535061804814_nTru Organic LP is a company that offers bath and body products plus other great products for your skin. The products are made well, with organic ingredients per product. They have a great collection of products for your face and body, for when you’re showering or taking a bath. They like to use oils, roots, flowers for their products so your skin is safe from bad chemicals. Continue reading “Tru Organic Review” »

Emmy’s Best Review

10659291_10204574119976117_2082666886161150973_nEmmy’s Best sells product for your home to help keep floors, carpets, rugs clean from pets who make accidents in your home. They offer great products, the portion is great and you get a pretty good amount out of the products making it worth the price. Be sure to check out Emmy’s Best for your pet product cleaning supplies. Continue reading “Emmy’s Best Review” »