Origami Owl

11026596_10207014375580982_6250643824880187472_nWith Origami Owl you can do what you love what you do. Get involved with a unique social selling business that’s setting a new standard in the industry. Be a part of the trend that’s sweeping the nation! Launch your own business as a Designer with Origami Owl + help others create stylish customizable jewelry that they’ll cherish. Origami Owl is a leading custom jewelry company known for telling stories through our signature Living Lockets, personalized Charms, Bracelets and Earrings. Continue reading “Origami Owl” »

Mini Owl

81dAscfui9L._SL1500_About Them: Top rated storage solution for stuffed animals, plush toys, balls, towels, blankets, bedding, light yoga and sport equipment or other collectibles. Teaches children organization skills and responsibility necessary for lifelong success and productivity. It is a creative and fun way to display everyone’s favorite items. If you wish to be clutter free – just install the MiniOwls storage hammock in the corner of any room. Minimum space required 31 inches on each wall. Continue reading “Mini Owl” »

Tidy Cats

11012348_10206010319880217_5906917888485566786_nAbout Them: Tidy doesn’t mess around—especially when it comes to litter-related odor. And that’s been the case for almost fifty years. Not only did Tidy help pioneer the cat litter concept, but this long history of innovation continues to this day. And since Tidy is part of a national pet food company, Purina, you can be sure that animals are a top priority. Continue reading “Tidy Cats” »

Cold -Eeze

downloadAbout Them: Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by almost half. The efficacy of our best selling lozenges is backed by double blind placebo controlled studies conducted at both the prestigious. Cold-EEZE is a homeopathic cold remedy made with a unique zinc gluconate formula. Perhaps you’ve heard about zinc gluconate in the health section of your newspaper or seen it on lists of common cold tips on the Internet. Zinc is a micronutrient that’s essential to human health. In a well-formulated cold remedy, zinc gluconate facilitates the effective release of zinc ions which can shorten a cold. Continue reading “Cold -Eeze” »

Zim’s USA

11011052_10206088425872818_7970770686098768777_nAbout Them: The Zim’s brand is dedicated to bringing you innovative naturally-based products that live up to their brand promise in every way. Our goal is to improve the lives of consumers with our brands that include over 25 products that are packed with the best of nature and range from skin care to pain relief gels. Zim’s started over 60 years ago with the creation of Zim’s Crack Creme by a pharmacist in Austintown, Ohio. Continue reading “Zim’s USA” »

Original Pedi-Sox

org-red_logoAbout Them: For years, I have personally enjoyed the soothing qualities of pedicures, but felt there should be away to create a pleasant transition of my feet back into the ‘real world’ and knew there had to be a simple and practical solution to resolve this abrupt transition.  I wanted to create a way to extend the pleasure of the pedicure experience and keep my feet warm, comfy and clean while allowing my nail polish to dry smudge fee. Continue reading “Original Pedi-Sox” »

Shamrock Farms Sweepstakes

gg“This summer, Shamrock Farms launched its protein-packed, on-the-go regular, chocolate and strawberry milk in Walmart’s nationwide. To celebrate the expanded distribution, Shamrock Farms wants to help one lucky family start the school year right. Roxie’s Ultimate Back-To-School sweepstakes offers one winner a mega-shopping spree worth nearly $5,000 ($4,999). Continue reading “Shamrock Farms Sweepstakes” »