Fibond LLC Review

90d9f56361cab95f28a1e812b4e8030b4c1e2db7About Them: Fibond – Hair loss treatment is not a paint or a shoe polish product like those developed in the 80′s. It’s an amazing breakthrough hair loss product for men and women that suffer from hair loss. Fibond fiber technology was carefully formulated over many years to statically charge the plant resin, creating a strong bond that is totally undetectable and won’t come off in rain, wind or perspiration. It’s completely undetectable even if someone is just inches from your hair. Continue reading “Fibond LLC Review” »

Yorkie Shampoo Review

10377167_10204273860429816_9002675220244718802_nAbout Them: Yorkie Splash was created out of a need for a shampoo to fit the specific needs of Yorkshire terriers. After trying numerous products, we here at Walnut Hill decided that there just wasn’t anything on the market that worked well for every type of Yorkie – sensitive skin, coarse hair, cottony coats, silky coats, dry coats, or oily coats. We finally decided that keeping 5 different kinds of products around was just not manageable. So, we endeavored to make our own! Continue reading “Yorkie Shampoo Review” »

Mirai Clinical Review

10489650_10204213302235899_2085221405462584632_nAbout Them: Mirai Clinical’s Executive and Product Development team is comprised of experienced skin care and science professionals from Japan and the U.S. Our mission is to develop the most ground-breaking, naturally safe and exceptionally effective products for body care and skin health. Mirai, which means “the future” or “new beginning,” is symbolic of this mission in introducing breakthrough, innovative skin care technology by fusing science and nature. Continue reading “Mirai Clinical Review” »

Profoot Care Review

10569088_10204351439769251_513726179893634612_nAbout Them: That first year PROFOOT care offered just six items in only 50 stores-mostly small regional, independent drug stores. Today, after ten consecutive years of double-digit growth in sales and market share, it’s the second largest brand in the category it helped redefined. Continue reading “Profoot Care Review” »

Healthy Hoo Hoo Review

2About Them: healthy hoohoo is a complete line of feminine freshness products that are revolutionary in their simplicity. Free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens, healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wash, foaming cleanser and wipes are designed to naturally cleanse girlie parts without removing all the goodness Mother Nature put down there. Continue reading “Healthy Hoo Hoo Review” »

KT Tape Review

10449466_10204179685875511_1037594401841373042_nAbout Them: Built for performance, the KT Tape brand is Lumos’ featured product line that is quickly becoming the favorite accessory of athletes in every sport. Lumos is focused on innovation, quality, and customer service. We look forward to working with you, our customer, to make sure that every experience with the company or its products is exceptional. Continue reading “KT Tape Review” »

The Solemates Review

934757_10204173119871365_9169662386186937249_nAbout Them: Never sink again with the Solemates High Heeler, designed to protect heels from all surfaces. Discreet and easy to use, the Solemates High Heeler attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass at your next outdoor soiree or getting stuck in pavement cracks or sidewalk grates. Continue reading “The Solemates Review” »