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The resqme tool was inspired and developed by Laurent Colasse in 2003 and founded under his company NOV8. After the introduction of the LifeHammer, the resqme tool was designed out of need for a portable and accessible auto rescue tool. With the resqme tool drivers can be confident that they will be able to cut through safety belts and break car windows “when seconds count.

resqume tool

resqme tool

resqme sent me a red very unique type of item. Something clearly I would never think of for sure. Obviously one my fears is either drowning in a car cause I can’t get out because the car is all automatic and water and electronics don’t mix, so of course we’re all in need of something to break the window, especially when kids are involved. ┬áThe other thing its awesome for, trapped in a car cause the seat belt is locked and you can’t get out. This has a nice cutter on it, to help you escape or be free much easier. This nifty tool just sits on your key chain and is in need when you need it. Either for yourself or in need of rescuing someone. Anyways this tool is made strong and well. We were playing with it checking it out, seeing the features. They all seem to be well locked in the tool, but with some force you can get them to show. This would make for a great stocking stuffer, its pretty small, size of your hand small. Who knows when you will need it.

Durability, presentation and ease of use.
Available information, customer service and promptness.
Attractiveness, style and price competitiveness.

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