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About Them:  After sharing that notion with longtime friend Lauren McCullough over a plate of Polvo’s nachos, one of Austin’s notorious Mexican eateries, the two fed off each other’s complementary skill sets and got the ball rolling. That led to a messy first run of dehydrating foods in the kitchen of Caroline’s downtown condo. Which quickly convinced them to seek assistance from drum- and freeze-drying experts in the organic farming community. It’s turned into a development partnership that’s still growing to this day.

Yum A Roos

Yum A Roos

NuturMe has a wide variety of flavors that coordinate while your child grows. This time around I tried the fruit snacks. These are great for toddlers who can chew and sallow great on their own! These are fruit and veggie snack shrunk down to bite sized dried up fruit snacks. My kiddo’s are odd, the oldest like the veggie ones, while my youngest enjoyed the fruit one’s. They are tiny, they melt in the mouth with mostly mild chewing and are full of flavor! I tried the pea’s which tasted just as they should, I didn’t taste anything else. The fruit ones are just the same with some sweet flavor to them! These are great for car rides, zoo’s, parties, and they reseal! I also got there spoon, which is all rubber and I never tried a spoon like that ever. That was actually awesome, cause our special needs guy tends to bite the spoons, so this was right up his alley and we didn’t have to worry about his caps falling off.

Durability, presentation and ease of use.
Available information, customer service and promptness.
Attractiveness, style and price competitiveness.

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